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Case Management Careers


This is an exciting time for a career in case management. Case managers are in great demand, wanted for their expertise, experience, and comprehensive knowledge base. Although we have been a profession for over twenty-five years, it is just recently that stakeholders from legislators to health plan and health system administrators have sought professional case managers to manage the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and population health.

CMSA has always served case managers across the continuum of care, and it is our members who will meet the needs of our clients*, as well as the needs of the sponsors in health plans, systems, and communities.

The shifts in healthcare are dramatic. One of the most significant changes is the move from inpatient to ambulatory care, as this shift asks patients to participate in their plan of care and to create, measure, and meet personal health outcome goals. Our CMSA workforce is prepared because of the global perspective they embrace and the toolkit CMSA provides them as part of membership.

In years past, nurses and social workers received phone calls from their friends and neighbors about help with medical care and treatment. The phone calls they receive today are about requesting help with navigating the healthcare system, community resources, and health insurance. Case managers are recognized as the leaders in managing complex health systems and guiding clients in making informed choices about how to best proceed with a plan of care.

Case managers are leaders: We are licensed in the healthcare profession, often certified in case management and, through strong relationships, we develop a client-centered plan. Case managers have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to forge interprofessional communication across the client’s domain.

CMSA developed the following tools to assist the licensed professional case manager: foundational CMSA’s Standards of Practice for Case Management (rev. 2016), Career & Knowledge Pathways (CKP), chapter and national CMSA educational conferences, online case management continuing education credits, the Integrated Case Management Program (ICM) and the Case Management Adherence Guide (CMAG).

The professional case manager, at any point in his or her career, benefits from a CMSA membership. Our work is deeply gratifying, in part because we have the tools and knowledge to empower patients to manage one of the most important resources they have: their health. The case manager is the ongoing advocate for clients to achieve the goals they have chosen and to shine the light so they can navigate the path to success.

It is my hope that your career is as personally and professionally as satisfying as mine.

*Client also refers to patient, active military and veteran depending on the setting where the case manager practices.

Mary McLaughlin-Davis, DNP, ACNS-BC, NEA-BC, CCM

President, CMSA 2016-2018

Dr. McLaughlin-Davis is the president of CMSA. She has been a certified case manager since 1993; she is a clinical nurse specialist for adult health and the senior director for care management for Cleveland Clinic, Avon Hospital.